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Car Service

We service all automakers and car brands. You can even book your service online, and we pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service at cheap prices.

Suspension Checks

Suspension Checks Can Help You Stay Safe The springs, shocks, and struts that make up your car’s suspension keep your tires on the ground. This is crucial while making a sharp turn, decending a steep hill, navigating rocky roads, or stopping to prevent an accident.

MOT Checks

When it comes to MOTs, we offer an honest and accurate MOT to guarantee your safety and legality while driving. You can relax in our welcome area while the MOT is being performed.


Wheel Alignment

Your car’s handling and maintenance may deteriorate if your wheels aren’t aligned, putting you, your car, and any passengers in danger. Wheel tracking, also known as wheel alignment, is crucial for this reason. It makes sure that all of your wheels are facing the direction of travel, enabling you to drive successfully, safely, and comfortably.

Wheel Balancing

By adding tiny offsetting weights to precise locations around the wheel, wheel balancing guarantees that the weight of the wheel and tyre is distributed evenly along the axle. At 40 to 50 mph, if you observe uneven tyre wear or tyre “wobble,” your wheels probably need to be rebalanced.

Tyre Fitting

When done professionally and safely by an experienced technician, mounting new tires on your car’s wheels is a simple procedure. Get your tyres professionally fitted at Trotyres. We Ensure that the tyres are properly fitted to avoid bursts and damage to tyres thus preventing accidents. 

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